Quality Health Care and the Uninsured

I would like to share a few facts with you.Fact 1 – 47 million Americans or 16 percent of the population were without health care insurance in 2005.Fact 2 – Nearly 90 million people about one third of the population below the age of 65 spent a portion of either 2006 or 2007 without health care coverage.Fact 3 -Because of the above information the lack of insurance compromises the health of the uninsured because they receive less preventative care, are diagnosed at more advanced disease stages, and once diagnosed tend to receive less therapeutic care and have higher mortality rates than insured individuals.I would now like to share a true life scenario with you :This article is about a young woman who shall remain nameless because she could be anyone without health insurance in the United States. After being informed from a family member that symptoms she had recently began having sounded like a condition called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) she did extensive research on the condition and decided that she needed to make an appointment to see an OB GYN physician.Knowing that she didn’t have health insurance coverage, she phoned the clinic and spoke with a nurse about an appointment day, costs and having tests run for (PCOS). The appointment was made and the woman was greatly relieved that she would finally have answers to the questions that had been plaguing her.On the day of her appointment because she was self pay, she had to pay in advance. After a couple of hours she was taken from the waiting room to the back where her blood pressure and weight were taken. A pap smear was then performed and afterwards the woman (patient) was instructed to get dressed and wait in the examination room.

The physician was not in the office that day so the midwife examined her. She entered the examination room and gave the patient a prescription for birth control pills and told her that she had (PCOS). The young woman then asked what she should do about the excessive hair growth under her chin and she was told by the midwife to get laser surgery or simply go to the drug store and buy wax to remove it.Needless to say the woman (Patient) was greatly disappointed. How could this diagnosis be given without proper blood tests? Well she was informed that she was diagnosed based on the fact that she met criteria. Yet upon further investigation and a conversation with the nurse who sits at the front window the woman was informed that she could not have blood tests done because she did not have health insurance and that it would (These were her exact words) cost “thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars” to do the blood tests. This nurse actually said that!I have to quote her again ; ” It would cost thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars” to have a HGB A1c, Testosterone, Progesterone, FSH, DHEAS and Prolactin blood draw done.The nurse was later confronted by an advocate for the young woman, who happened to be a nurse. She asked the nurse at the window how she could purposely misinform the young woman with such an untruth. After disappearing for about 20 minutes (in conversation with the midwife no doubt) the nurse finally re-emerged with a lab work up sheet and instructed the young woman to take it to outpatient over at the hospital.It was later discovered that the blood tests were actually no more than about $500.00. PLUS! The lab informed the woman that after she made initial payment the rest would be worked out in a payment plan.I was infuriated after hearing this story. First for the Midwife to just give a diagnosis without any real conclusive evidence. Second, to take away this woman’s (patients) option to have tests done in the first place. But most of all the nurse and the Midwife both offered the poorest quality healthcare imaginable by not being an advocate for the patient and purposely leading her in the wrong direction because she was uninsured. We wonder why so many people don’t get properly diagnosed until well into the disease process? Well incidents like this are the very reason why.This article was written with one purpose in mind. To inform YOU that you are entitled to quality health care. You are entitled to participate in options and decisions that could possible decide the outcome of your life. You have rights.

With that being said I offer this advice when seeking healthcare for any reason. Don’t be intimidated by the nurse at the window or the physician for that matter. My comments are in no way suggesting that all medical personnel behave as these two did, but as evidenced, unfortunately they are out there. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Write them down if you have to. Do research, educate your self as much as possible as the woman in this article did. Finally find out what your options are and don’t be patronized with condescending words just because you’re uninsured. If at all possible talk to the Physician. Last but not least please get a second opinion especially if your red flag goes up.It is my hope and dream that one day each and every American will be provided with good quality health care, but until that day comes……Fight for your rights and your life!REFERENCES:
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A Concerned Citizen’s Opinion on Health Care Reform

I am not a certified expert on health care or health insurance. I am not political. I am not a doctor. But I am an American Citizen, I pay for health insurance and I use health care. Based on the very high cost of health care in this country, the rising costs of health care insurance and the proposed solutions that are coming out of our nation’s capital (from both sides of the aisle), I think I am as much of an expert on health care and health insurance as our politicians are.The fundamental problems Americans are really having are with health care costs, not health insurance. Why is health insurance being regulated and the actual cost of health care not addressed at all?The fact that an entire industry (insurance) has been created to act as a replacement for affordable health care costs should clearly indicate the real issue is the cost of health care, not the cost or availability of health insurance.Additionally, the fact that health insurance is a multi-billion industry and one of the most profitable sectors in our economy would seem to indicate that there is plenty of money that Americans have that could go toward paying actual health care costs-especially if the costs themselves were more in line and not so over inflated (yeah, I know the party line that doctors have to charge more because of medical tort-I’ll get to that).But, without getting into the economics of the statement above, let’s assume that we can’t afford health care. If that is the case, what is the cause?Let’s separate the problem into two parts*, 1. Cost of treatment and 2. Cost of drugs. So we have two industries here, the Medical community and the Pharmaceutical industry.

Let’s address the Medical Community. Based on simple economics one can deduce that a large part of the problem of medical cost is a matter of supply and demand. There are not enough doctors to take care of the population, thus medical professionals charge more simply because they can.According to an April 2010 article in the WSJ “Experts warn there won’t be enough doctors to treat the millions of people newly insured under the law (Obama Care). At current graduation and training rates, the nation could face a shortage of as many as 150,000 in the next 15 years, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges…”If the government is compelled to intervene in the nation’s business for the sake of saving lives, then a better governmental solution to the health care dilemma is to create programs that promote the making of more doctors and placing them where they are most needed.This could be a voluntary program such as paying for (very) qualified individual’s medical educations. These individuals would get to choose certain specialties (not ones like cosmetic surgery) that were offered by the program guidelines and, upon graduation, would have to “work off” their educational costs by practicing in select parts of the country where they were most needed for a finite period of time. The details of such a program would have to be worked out, but as a solution it directly addresses a large part of the problem, i.e., a shortage of doctors – a shortage of as many as 150,000 doctors in the coming years.Over the period of one or two (at most) decades we could have enough physicians to not only adequately care for the population, but enough doctors that “supply and demand” would bring medical fees in line with what the general population could afford. Some doctors may have to give up their Porsches’ and limit the number of vacations they take, but they shouldn’t be in that profession if they are only money motivated anyway.The other major cause of exorbitant health care costs are medications-drugs-pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceutical companies constitute the most profitable industry in America.The pharmaceutical industry’s lobbying efforts are unparalleled. Public Citizen, a nonprofit consumer organization, estimates that the drug companies have well over 300 paid lobbyists on Capitol Hill – more than one lobbyist for every two members of the U.S. Congress. They spend more than any other industry in political advertising. They spend tens of millions of dollars each year for political advertising to prevent Congress from passing meaningful prescription drug reform.If there was an area where the government should intervene in order to save lives and in the name of the welfare of this nation, it is in the pharmaceutical industry’s business practices.

These are just my thoughts on the matter; I have never heard these ideas intelligently addressed by any politician in all the endless droning regarding health care that has been going on for the last two years. I know there may be some gaps in what I’ve written and there may be much better solutions than what I quickly jotted down. But the point of this is that we (you) need to really hold our government’s feet to the fire and not be sheep. We need our representatives to really confront the issues, not just glibly parrot talking points that either do nothing or make matters worse.Do your own research, look into matters that concern and affect you personally. Don’t let the talking heads on T.V. solely shape your view of the world. If something concerns you, look into it and then write about it.*Medical tort is a third factor that will have to be addressed to reform medical costs. My opinion on this is simple. Great doctors don’t kill or maim people. If we only had great doctors there would be no need for lawsuits. Instead of suing doctors for negligence, simply create a system that takes licenses quickly away from bad doctors. If a doctor kills a patient or ruins the patient’s life through negligence, then he/she loses their license-this will ensure doctor’s standards are always high and that bad doctors get weeded out of the system.Jamie Sene

Understanding Health Care and Free Insurance Quotes

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Hopefully, you will be more encouraged now to take advantage of this greats offers, and see how you, your family, working friends and personal friends can benefit from it once you will be saving money and enjoying a new Health care service that will attend all your expectations and don’t ever forget – Health is what we most have to care for.

Prescription Fraud – Prevent Your Pharmacy From A Major Health Care Crime

Prescription fraud, which can be elaborated by the exact term as “pharmaceutical diversion,” is defined as the criminal acquisition of prescription drugs for personal use or profit. This definition of prescription fraud does not include the other related terms like theft, burglary, backdoor pharmacies, and illegal importation or distribution of prescription drugs.Prescription fraud is the most dominant kind of a health care fraud, since the new century had started, the problem has grown significantly and the major reason which is daunting the health care and safety measures is the inflation in the medication cost. A common man, who had already hit by an extreme bought of a recession, is compelled to buy a 2nd grade to third grade medicine to reduce the cost of his health care. And this is the cause of the major prescription failure and fraud.The second reason which has a great deal is that the number of people are abused by the “Backdoor pharmacies”, which are businesses not licensed/authorized to distribute pharmaceutical drugs. On the other hand people commit prescription fraud in different ways, like forging prescriptions, multiple prescriptions by multiple doctor interventions (doctor shopping), and altering the prescriptions to increase quantity.

Prescription fraud is a very complex health care crime. Limited awareness and lack of oversight among doctors, pharmacists and the patients may also contribute to the problem. Identifying the different faulty factors in prescribing, dispensing and administration of medication may help in reduction of this dangerous health care crime.Prescription Fraud: Tips to Escape a Major Health Care Crime and Disaster at the Pharmacy
Knowing the prescriber, his signature, DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) number and knowing the patient is primary task.
Checking the prescription date is essential and is it presented within a reasonable time?
Contacting the doctor/ prescriber by a telephone for verification or clarification if you have any questions.
If you believe that there is doubt in prescription details, request proper identification. Doing so increases offenders’ risk of getting caught.
Build up a strategy to track the prescriptions written by the doctor and administer it accordingly with the name of the patient to whom the prescription was given; the drug that was prescribed; the number of tablets prescribed; and the dosage amounts.
Prescriptions can only be made and written by licensed and accredited doctor/ physician, including the accreditation seal and the signature on a temper-proof prescription pad.
Refuse to call-in prescriptions unless they are backed up with written prescriptions that must be provided by the patient at the time of pickup.
Use a prescription drug monitoring program to monitor who access drugs. It is a part of the job to look for the obvious signs that include the appropriate dozing and refills.
Electronic prescription method is the best way to counter the false, forged and altered prescriptions as the doctor transmits the prescription directly to the pharmacist.
Training to detect fraudulent prescriptions is essential for the pharmacists and the doctors may also discuss their prescription writing criteria with the local pharmacists regularly.
A strong relationship with local pharmacists is important as they are often the first to detect a diversion or fraud attempt.

Conclusion to Consider:Prescription fraud is a particularly interesting information security management issue because it occurs in an information intensive domain, that of drug use and management. Increased security measures help prevent prescription fraud and reduce counterfeit losses. By reducing the inflation in the medication cost can also suppress the prescription fraud situation in a massive way as the patient can easily reach his Doctor’s prescribed medication without opting a self-medication danger.

EFT – Free Alternative Health Care For Everyone?

In these economic times, health care is one of the biggest issues and concerns facing not only Americans, but people all over the world. Many people are actually being forced to choose between rent, food, and gas – or health care. Nobody should have to make such choices; but, even if you can afford health care and medical insurance, wouldn’t it be nice if you could solve most of your problems at home – at no cost, risk free, and possibly in minutes rather than the time it takes to drive to the doctor’s office and sit and wait and be seen, etc? Believe it or not, EFT has given me, and many others, exactly that gift – free, safe, quick, and effective, do-it-yourself health care.So, what is EFT; and why do I say it’s free? Well, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a kind of “emotional acupressure” technique that helps turn-off the stress response and changes the way your body reads and responds to stressful or traumatic memories – just by thinking about the troubling issue or problem while tapping on some acupressure points. There’s a little more to the technique than that, but not much. You can literally learn EFT in a few minutes. Best of all, thanks to some free manuals and demonstration videos, you can learn enough about EFT to use the technique effectively on many of your own issues, problems, and symptoms – for free. And, once you know the technique, you can use it any time you want. The technique is always the same; the problem, or focus is all that changes.

Best of all, EFT is not medicine; nor is it invasive in any way. Using EFT doesn’t mean you can’t approach illness the way you did in the past; it just means you don’t have to – you have an easy alternative that’s safe, inexpensive, and highly effective with EFT. You can still go to the doctor’s office when you are experiencing anxiety; but, if you use the EFT technique on the way there, you are likely to pull into the doctor’s parking lot and wonder why you’re there! EFT is not intended to replace medicine, or medical advice; but, since the APA has estimated that perhaps as many as 90% of all trips to the doctor’s office are due to stress-related complaints, you’ve really got nothing to lose by tapping on your face and hands while calling your doctor – and you just might solve your own problems.Developed in the mid-’90s by Gary Craig, EFT has quickly become one of the most popular forms of alternative medicine in the world – used every day by a growing number of physicians, psychiatrists, and therapists of all types. But you don’t have to be a physician to use EFT; anyone can learn this technique in minutes and begin using it to erase fears, phobias, allergic response, stress, anxiety, limiting beliefs, negative self-talk and even chronic health issues. College, Professional, Pan-Am, and Olympic athletes use EFT to help them with performance anxiety and distractions; and professional golfers use EFT to cure the “yips.” EFT is an alternative that has worked for millions of people with thousands of different problems. EFT can be used on anything because it is painless, quick, and non-invasive; in fact, the worst thing that can happen with EFT is that it just doesn’t seem to work. Then, you’re no worse off than you were when you started; and you’re always free to address your situation from any direction you choose.